Eva McGaw and Tatiana Palinkasev Feature Georgii Uvs In St James's

30th October 2019

Guests flew in from Russia, China, and Switzerland for the preview of Georgii Uvs’s extraordinary Show at Gallery Eight in London St James's, to be impressed by the dramatic art in his latest Exhibition, On Khaos and Beauty Retrospective 2005 - 2018.  The presentation from the acclaimed Russian artist was curated and produced by Eva McGaw and Tatiana Palinkasev.

Georgii Uvs has developed his own unique style, a fusion of scientific pursuit and artistic imagination, experimenting with different single pigments and mixed ultraviolet reactive pigments.  His pieces are achieved by pouring paint onto unstretched canvases laid horizontally on the studio floor, then manipulating from behind, but never making direct contact with the paint.  The result is a vibrant collection of beautiful works, transmitted through their texture, composition, and colour.

Art collectors and connoisseurs wandered around the preview of the Exhibition, admiring Georgii Uvs’s work, discussing the pieces with fellow guests, while enjoying Laytons Champagne, cocktails and delicious canapés, provided by Katie's Kitchen.

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