Edward Lloyd

Offering first class, efficient, high quality photography, whether you require the photos for publicity or just to record the event. If you need a photographer for those special photos, where a reliable, conscientious and professional service is essential, please get in touch.

My Short Story

Edward Lloyd Photography
“I have built a reputation for reliability, conscientiousness and approach every job in an organised manner. I am able to blend in with any event rather than be an obtrusive photographer”.
I have been photographing celebrities and interesting people for 30 years.

Specialising in social events, including balls, award ceremonies, product and book launches, sporting hospitality, parties, business entertaining, and receptions.
I regularly supply photos to national and international magazines and newspapers and am in a strong position to achieve publicity for suitable events.

I have a reputation for confidentiality, so if it is discretion you need, I am a photographer you can rely on.
Based in Westminster I am available to cover events in central London at short notice, but functions further afield present no problem.

I offer a nameswriting service with a nameslist, for every photo taken, if required.

I also photograph individuals either on outside locations, or in suitable interior environments.

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